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S&R "elo" rating on

Posted: 17 Sep 2022, 08:42
by kolasaft

I made a group on Rankade - a free sports ranking platform - for Swords and Ravens. ... nd-edition

This will mean that we can get dynamically updated ranking scores and that we can host games that explicitly state what Ree requirement we have. It's a much lower overhead way of making S&R competitive than organising tournaments!

To use it,
  • register an account and join the group with the code XP559.
  • ask other participants in that game to also join
  • press add match to report a game
  • choose full form, and find A Game of Thrones the board game: Second Edition (or Mother of Dragons) in the list
  • choose 6 factions if it is a 6 player game, 7 if it is a 7 player game. If there were vassals/bots, then choose the number of actual players in the final state of the game as number of factions
  • enter the link to the game in the 'game location' section so that an admin (me) can confirm that this game did occur
  • if others did not join, you can still report the results by adding other players as bots, this can be replaced later on by the real players as they register
  • enter the rankings and scores in accordance with results

S&R "elo" rating on

Posted: 18 Sep 2022, 00:30
by Tex
That's pretty cool, nice! :)

S&R "elo" rating on

Posted: 21 Sep 2022, 07:02
by kolasaft ... nd-edition

Some issues with this implementation
- players would need to register beforehand otherwise there'll be a lot of misleading ghost games
- I have to manually approve games

Solution @Gereon is looking into is the API integration they have. I think we'd have to keep it relatively simple, i.e. declare winner and number of castles and then add vassals as ghosts