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Role Playing Games - By Forum! 2022 Initiative!

Posted: 05 Apr 2022, 04:14
by 18HopeCSF
Tired of getting backstabbed by Stark?
Bored of fighting for the control of The Reach?
But still need a daily dose of gaming on the web?

I wanted to share with you all an initiative starting now on BoardGameGeek: The 2022 New Player by Forum Initiative.

What is it?
º You basically play a Role-Playing-Game by Forum, similar to what some people do here with GoT.
º You create a character or use a Pre-Generated one
º You'll have a Game Master who runs the game and guides you in everything there is to now.
º And you check on daily (as you do here) to write your moves

There's a lot of variety on the offer of games: There's classic Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Hardcore Dungeon Crawl, Sci-Fiction, Lovecraft, Spionage... I've even seen a game based in Avatar Last Airbender and another based in Classic Japanese Films (Studio Ghibly and such).

Here is the link that explains the initiative: ... tive-alive

And here is the link with the list of Games: ... n-geeklist

I hope to see any of you around! (I'm "hopo" there in case you see me )