Changelog 2021 [Updated June 16h 2021]

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16 June
  • Added a new custom game option to allow endless games. In combination with the vote for end after current round feature this allows players to define any amount of rounds to play with every game setup. (This e.g. allows DwD to be played until round 10 as well)
  • Fixed a bug when a player gets replaced by another user during live games.
  • Notify the replacer about their turn in PBEM games after successful replacement.
15 June
  • The game now sends different kind of e-mail notifications with according text's for following events: Game is ready to be started, It's your turn, a battle is over, a new vote has been started and game is over. The new private message notification unfortunately is still missing as this event is not handled by the game server.
14 June
  • Game lobbies can now be protected by a password.
  • Owners are now notified by e-mail for live games as well, when a game is ready to be started.
  • In PBEM games players are now notified by e-mail when a vote has been initiated.
  • In PBEM games combatants are now notified by e-mail when the combat is over.
13 June
  • Due to several feedback that you have to scroll a lot when playing the southern houses the map scrollbar setting is now enabled by default but doesn't have any effect on mobile devices anymore. This way the setting can be kept enabled without affecting the mobile experience.
12 June
  • Added a new vote type to end the game after the current round. Instead of cancelling the game will then declare a winner. This way players can decide to do a quick game when the game starts and launch the vote when their defined last round began.
11 June
  • Thematic house card drafting arrived. By selecting this custom options players can draft their house cards only from the cards which belong to their house. That as well allows to do it simultaneously.
7 June
  • Bidding results are now shown in the GameState panel so players don't need to switch to the game log all the time. In addition the view of bidding results was polished and now uses the influence tokens of the house.
3 June
  • The combat phase has been slowed down in a live game. When there is no PostCombat phase (because casualties and retreat was porcessed automatically) the combat results are shown for 5 seconds before continuing the next phase.
2 June
  • Fixed Bronn: A commander cannot use Bronn's ability in behalf of a vassal
1 June
  • The combat results are now shown in the GameState panel during PostCombat phases (Retreat, Casualties, special abilities...) as well

30 May
  • For the fans of gambling Tides of Battle cards can be now activated for every game setup.
26 May
  • The official Mother of Dragons 7p game setup with house Arryn and the map overlays arrived. :star_struck:
25 May
  • Power tokens now can be gifted to other houses. During combat, this is only allowed during "Call for Support" step (FAQv2). Though this is a Mother of Dragons rule for now it is active to all games as it doesn't change the game mechanic and if you feel you have to stick to the rules, just don't use it.
24 May
  • The last missing house cards of house Arryn and Targaryen (A Feast for Crows and Mother of Dragons A and B) has been added for the Draft house cards mode.
19 May
  • An internal issue with handling of Qyburn, DwD Aeron and Bronn has been resolved. They worked before but their prior implementation was not generic enough and would have failed against Balon. So this was the preparation for allowing mixed house card decks.
  • The custom game mode "Draft house cards" arrived. :star_struck:
17 May
  • If a house reaches 5 or 6 castles the icons change their color to orange and red respectively as a proper warning indication.
12 May
  • Improve the mobile experience by forcing the desktop layout on mobile devices as well.
7 May
  • The Valyrian Steel Blade holder can now choose during "Choose House card" step to "burn" (use) the Valyrian Steel Blad independent from the outcome of the battle. That might be helpful in case you fear to be Doraned.
3 May
  • Fixed a bug with Beric Dondarrion
  • Fixed influence track handling with vassals: If there are vassals in the top 3 spaces of an influence track, remove ALL vassals from that track and shift them to the end by keeping their original order.
30 April
  • Fixed a bug where Jon Snow skipped the other house card.
6 April
  • According to FAQv2 Rodrik the Reader now only can chose non-discarded Westeros cards
30 March 2021
  • Game owners now receive an e-mail when their game is ready to be started.
  • "Waited for" players are now notified by E-Mail when a live game is changed to PBEM
25 March 2021
  • Players now can place restricted orders as dummy orders. They are removed automatically before Resolve Raid phase begins.
22 March 2021
  • PBEM notifications are now only sent to offline users to avoid sending e-mails for subsequent events.
19 March 2021
  • The house card back image is now shown when the first house has chosen their house card in combat.
18 March 2021
  • The use of the Valyrian Steel blade is now indicated by a cross badge on the sword image.
16 March 2021
  • The annoying bug with missing garrisons bug finally is resolved.
12 March 2021
  • Players are warned about consequences if not leaving a Power token (@jasongros619)
11 March 2021
  • Highlight the current dominance token holder as a due to vassals the first place on a track not necessarily holds the token anymore.
9 March 2021
  • Sea order tokens introduced by the Mother of Dragons expansion are now available.
7 March - 26 March 2021
  • Several fixes for vassals and the replace by vassal feature.
6 March 2021
  • The vassals mechanic introduced by the Mother of Dragons expansion arrived. :star_struck:
28 February 2021
  • The planned moves of a march order are now visible in the map before committing them.
  • If the card of the 3rd Westeros deck restrict orders this card is shown during Planning phase now (Put to the sword choices are translated to their corresponding cards).
24 February 2021
  • A vote icon badge is now shown on in the Your Games list when your vote is required in a game.
23 February 2021
  • The planned musterings are now visible in the map and single musterings can be removed.
14 February - 156 March 2021
  • Several fixes for A Dance with Dragons
13 February 2021
  • The A Dance with Dragons expansion has arrived. The new house cards can be used with all game setups. (@mmasztalerczuk, @gereon77)
10 February 2021
  • The game lobby phase has been improved:
    - Every player is owner unless the real owner is seated
    - A game setup with less than seated players cannot be selected anymore
    - The switch to a game setup where a house does not participate doesn't kick out already seated players anymore
  • The game name is now shown in the title
  • The ingame settings tab now allows to switch the player names to house names in the chat tabs
Following forum issues are partially resolved by this changes:

February 2021
5 February 2021
  • When players have to reconcile their armies due to new supply limits they can't remove more units than necessary anymore. The Ux is improved so only allowed units are highlighted now. This is needed for vassals as commander should not be able to destroy a vassal.
1 February 2021
  • The influence tokens are now removed when the Westeros card Clash of Kings is executed
January 2021

29 January 2021
The UI has been reworked for a better mobile experience:
  • Game log/chat panel height is increased
  • Round and wildlings strength indicators have been moved to the action panel so players don't need to scroll to the end of the map to see the current round
  • Action panel is now on top of the map on mobile so users need less scrollings between map and actions
  • The term "Turn" has been replaced with "Round" where appropriate
28 January 2021
  • Game log now shows when users send their orders, bids or house cards.
  • Game log now shows the originating area of a mustering.
  • The "Player mustered nothing" game log entry is now also shown when a player has no castle area and the game even doesn't ask to muster.
27 January 2021
  • Added the "Clash of Kings Westeros Phase Variant" as optional game setting. (@dagostin)
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Asha Greyjoy and Salladhor Saan house cards from detecting a possible removed support order (e.g. due to Queen of Thorns).
  • Spectators now can see placed orders in the planning phase in real time.
  • In case Cercei or Queen of Thorns just have one possible order to remove it will be done automatically now.
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