Storm of Swords House Rules

Share big alternative variants (similar to and expansion), or maybe just talk/discuss small alternations to the official rules for better balance!
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My aim for these house rules was not to replace the original game, but create a more thematic and faster game. All houses start with 7 muster points of units, but they start with their thematic areas and some start with extra garrison tokens, so the setup is definitely asymmetric. The setup is designed to simulate the start of the War of the Five Kings, with a unique deck of cards for each house, picked to emphasize that house's strengths and iconic characters.

All three expansions are required. Anything not mentioned is assumed to be the same as the most recent version of the MoD rules.

If Braavos is attacked, they play a random card from the vassal deck. The Braavos garrison token is placed back on Braavos at the start of a turn if Braavos is uncontrolled.

Using the tides of battle cards is recommended. Skull icons permanently discard the opponent’s house card from play if the opponent loses the battle. If all of a player’s house cards are permanently discarded, they can no longer play house cards in combat.

House Targaryen
The dragon strength markers are on turns 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. House Targaryen’s victory condition is the same as the other houses, to gain 7 castles and strongholds. If House Targaryen gains control of an area with loyalty tokens, they may immediately muster up to as many points of units in that area as there were loyalty tokens. The loyalty tokens in that land area are then removed, whether they were spent or not.

Iron Throne
The player that controls King’s Landing gets the first position on the iron throne track. When the players bid on the iron throne track, the player that controls King’s Landing does not bid for themselves, but instead may bid their power tokens for another player. The winner of the bid is placed in the second position. At the end of the game, the iron throne is the first tie-breaker if 2 or more players are tied.

Castles and strongholds double the strength of defense orders. Sea order tokens and star order tokens are the only orders that can be played in sea areas. Any order token can be played in a port.

Power Tokens
At the start of a round, players may place and/or remove 1 power token on areas they control. Players may not place power tokens on areas in the middle of a round.

Vassals use their specific house’s cards and order tokens and may place 5 order tokens per turn.

Westeros Deck I
Remove the Winter is Coming card and add the Famine card.
Remove a Mustering card and add the AFFC Mustering card.

The player that controls Castle Black loses ties during bids for Wildling attacks.


House Arryn
3 Bronze Yohn Royce
3 Littlefinger
2 Nestor Royce
1 Alayne Stone
1 Anya Waynwood
1 Lothor Brune
0 Lysa Arryn
The Eyrie – 6-garrison, 1 knight, 1 ship
The Fingers – power token
The Mountains of the Moon – power token
The Vale of Arryn – 2 knights, power token
Tracks: 5, 6, 6

House Baratheon
4 Stannis Baratheon ADWD
2 Bastard of Nightsong
2 Ser Davos Seaworth
2 Melisandre
1 Ser Axell Florent
1 Salladhor Saan
0 Patchface
Crackclaw Point – 1 footman, power token
Dragonstone – 2-garrison, 2 footmen, 1 ship
Kingswood – power token
Storm’s End – 4-garrison, 1 footman, 1 ship, power token
Shipbreaker Bay – 1 ship
Tracks: 2, 3, 1

House Greyjoy
4 Euron Crow’s Eye ADWD
3 Victarion Greyjoy
2 Balon Greyjoy
2 Rodrik the Reader
2 Theon Greyjoy
1 Asha Greyjoy
0 Aeron Damphair
Pyke – 2-garrison, 3 footmen, 2 ships
Ironman’s Bay – 1 ship
Sunset Sea – 1 ship
Tracks: 7, 7, 7

House Lannister
4 Tywin Lannister
3 Ser Gregor Clegane
2 Ser Jamie Lannister
1 Ser Addam Marbrand
1 Ser Kevan Lannister
1 Tyrion Lannister
0 Cersei Lannister
Harrenhal – 2 footmen, power token
King’s Landing – 5-garrison, power token, loyalty token
Lannisport – 2-garrison, 2 footmen, 1 ship
Riverrun – 1 footman
Searoad Marches – power token
Stoney Sept – power token
The Golden Sound – 1 ship
Tracks: 1, 2, 2

House Martell
4 The Red Viper
3 Areo Hotah ADWD
2 Bastard of Godsgrace
2 Darkstar
1 Arianne Martell
1 Nymeria Sand
0 Doran Martell
Prince’s Pass – 3-garrison, 1 footman, power token
Salt Shore – power token
Starfall – 1 footman, power token
Sunspear – 2-garrison, 1 knight, 1 ship
The Boneway – power token
Yronwood – 1 footman, power token
Sea of Dorne – 1 ship
Tracks: 4, 5, 5

House Stark
4 Roose Bolton
3 Robb Stark
2 Greatjon Umbar
1 The Blackfish
1 Ser Rodrick Cassel
1 Walder Frey
0 Catelyn Stark
Castle Black – power token
Flint’s Finger – 1 footman, power token
Greywater Watch – power token
Karhold – power token
Moat Cailin – 1 footman, power token
Seagard – 1 footman, power token
Stoney Shore – power token
The Twins – power token
Widow’s Watch – power token
Winterfell – 2-garrison, 3 footmen
White Harbor – 1 footman, power token
Tracks: 6, 1, 3

House Targaryen
3 Arstan Whitebeard
3 Daario Naharis
2 Grey Worm
2 Ser Jorah Mormont
1 Daenerys Targaryen
1 Captain Groleo
1 Rakharo
Pentos – 2-garrison, 1 footman, 1 ship
The Rhoyne – 3 dragons
Volantis – 2 knights, 1 ship

House Tyrell
4 Mace Tyrell ADWD
3 Ser Loras Tyrell
2 Ser Garlan Tyrell
2 Willas Tyrell
1 Paxter Redwyne
1 Queen of Thorns
0 Margaery Tyrell
Dornish Marches – power token
Highgarden – 2-garrison, 1 footman
Oldtown – 3-garrison, 1 footman, 1 ship, power token
Redwyne Straights – 1 ship
The Arbor – power token
The Reach – 1 footman, 1 knight, power token
Three Towers – power token
Tracks: 3, 4, 4
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[mention]Rodrik the Reader[/mention] These are some really interesting house rules! Have you played many times with them? What have been your experiences? (compared to using the official rules).
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