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Welcome to Swords and Ravens! Please start here by reading our rules. You can also find all the latest updates about the Swords and Ravens platform, and general AGOT news!
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Designer (base game & A Dance with Dragons expansion): Christian T. Petersen.
Designer (A Feast for Crows & Mother of Dragons expansions): Jason Walden.
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games.

Official Rules:
2nd Edition Base Game Rules (PDF 12.7 MB) – Updated 18 Dec 2014
Mother of Dragons Rules (PDF 6.9 MB) – Updated 13 Dec 2018

Official FAQ/Errata:
2nd Edition Base Game + All Expansions FAQ/Errata 2019 (PDF 2.4 MB) – Updated 03 Apr 2019

Released content:
2nd Edition base game: 2011 (3-6 players)
A Dance with Dragons expansion: 2012 (6 players only)
A Feast for Crows expansion: 2013 (4 players only)
Mother of Dragons expansion: 2018 (3-8 players)
Mother of Dragons Deluxe Gamemat: 2019

Base Game Tutorial:
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