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Once again I come to invite you all to a gaming thingy very different from GoT!

BoardGameGeek has launched the 2023 RPGGeek New Player Initiative.

This initiative is meant as an introduction to Role-playing games played by forum. (Which, in the end is not very different from the PBEM we do here).

If you don't know what an RPG is:
In a role playing game you take the role of character in a narrative and cooperative story. You choose appearance, abilities, decide your actions and enact your chosen character, his words, etc.

A Game Master narrates the whole story and sets the situations your character (and your teammates) find yourselves into. They also control the enemies, NPCs, creatures, etc.

Each time you/your character want to do something, the GM narrates the consequence of your action. BUT depending how simple or complicated your action is you may need to make a roll to see how successful you are.

The whole concept is basically an interactive story, in which you cooperate with your team to drive it forward.
The selection of games available is wide and contains all sorts of genres: High Fantasy with Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and Hardcore DCC, Sci-Fi, Mistery, Fun & Dumb, Pokemon... There's even one where you are a monster running away from heroes.
There's like 30 different games in total you can choose from!

I started playing in last year's initiative and I HIGHLY recommend to try it. I had a blast and I'm now playing 4 simultaneous games!

The community is really nice and lively and despite being Played by Forum and having to write, most of the games move forward on a daily basis.
The only downside is that being written, stories tend to last for a long real-life time. My last year's adventure is still going, but it's an exception. Most of the games are wrapped in 3 months, some even in 1 month because they're shorter.

I hope I do see someone around in there, and if you don't maybe come check out some of the stories!

Link to RPPGeek 2023 New Player Initiative:
https://rpggeek.com/thread/3060344/2023 ... ititiative

Link to my Ongoing Story:
https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/284327 ... -flying-ps
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