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It can be quite difficult to organise a live games on here, as there is little in the way or advance planning on the site. Outside of players arranging things between themselves, filling a live lobby relies mostly on luck.

Currently, the best way to plan in advance on the site itself, is to create a lobby for a live game that will take place sometime in the future. The main issue with this, is that most people don't know if they will be able to play a game in week's time, so it is still hard to find people to commit to a game until closer to the time.

I think it would help to advertise a rendezvous, once or twice a week and announced a week in advance. Specifically, I would like to suggest that there are 1 or 2 permanent lobbies called something like 'Mustering point for live games *day *start-time - *end-time'. The idea would be to encourage people who want to play live to all turn up at the same time so they can schedule games, whether immediately or for sometime in the near future. Basically a live game creation chat room.

The session itself wouldn't involve any kind commitment to attend, which would hopefully make it easier for people to turn up, even if just for a few minutes or to see what is being discussed.
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