Allied ship transport and enhanced star raid

Share big alternative variants (similar to and expansion), or maybe just talk/discuss small alternations to the official rules for better balance!
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Good afternoon all,

I would like to propose two variants that I believe may make a good addition to this site if they receive approval. I have play tested them both fairly extensively and found them to be both very small but interesting rule changes that really shake up the game and allow for some crazy situations.

Proposal 1:

Allied ship transport
The rule change is as follow
"With another player's permission, you may utilize their ship transport. This includes connecting your ships to their ships (or their vassals) for the purposes of ship transport. You can also use the ship transport of your vassals. You can obtain permissions from multiple players to utilize their sea transport as a chain"

The only stipulation is that permission must be obtained for EACH instance of use. So an attack, and a subsequent retreat would require separate permissions.

After playing with it, it was a lot of fun. It made the board more dynamic, and allowed houses to access areas of the map that they normally couldn't reach. It also increased the diplomacy aspect of the game, and it was really fun trading power tokens to buy permission for ship transport.

Proposal 2:

Upgraded star raid order
The rule change is as follow:
"The star raid order now allows a land based unit to raid a sea based unit."

For example, an army with a star raid can destroy the support of an adjacent ship.

I rationalized this change a couple of ways.
1. The star raid order is very often a waste of precious stars and is very rarely used
2. Unraidable sea support areas can sometimes render the game very static and slow. It can be extremely difficult to break into certain places, and losing your sea can be an absolute death sentence. With this change boats are still strong, but it adds a counter that can allow for interesting breakouts and plays by reducing the power of unraidable sea support. In addition, it can still be countered, but players must be wary of enemy units adjacent to their crucial sea support areas.

Let me know what you think of both these variants. I have play tested them a fair amount and found them to be a lot of fun. I would be interested in hearing the communities thoughts.
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I have to admit I don't like either of those ideas... but you reminded me of one option that Thronemaster has available as part of the "First Edition Game". The Special raid allows to raid 2 orders instead of 1. No Deffense though. Very situational, but interesting
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