Rumble of the Crows (Southern Feast for Crows)

Share big alternative variants (similar to and expansion), or maybe just talk/discuss small alternations to the official rules for better balance!
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Thinking about Variants, I would like to sea a Feast for Crows, but with different houses. I personally think the variant "Rumble in the South" would be the most appropiate one and easier to implement. Additionally it could serve as a middle point towards a Full Player Objective Variant.

So, this is a Brainstorming of Ideas to adapt Feast for Crows and make it "Rumble of Crows"
(Some parts of this are ideas and might be incomplete, feel free to jump in)

Houses to Play & Main Objectives
º Baratheon: Control Dragonstone & King's Landing
º Lannister: Control Lannisport & King's Landing
º Tyrell: Control Highgarden and Have more Power tokens than the rest.
I think Tyrell could replace Arryn, they usually ammass power tokens in common games.
Thematic Alternative: Control ¿4? areas with Barrels. Have ¿4? Supply
º Martell: Control Sunspear + Castles (Total of 4)
This is though. Making it a total of 5 castles would make it very hard, and 4 castles very easy. I think using Storm's End Baratheon Garrison would be the solution.
Thematic Alternative: Control Sunspear + 6 Land Areas (Forcing Martell to control all their natural area)

Initial Set Up
º Baratheon:
Feast for Crows Set Up. I would add a Garrison in Storm's End (To make it hard for Martell), and a footman in CCP (Usually Arryn's place, it would end up in Lanni's hand)
º Lannister:
Feast for Crows Set Up. I would downgrade, or directly take out Knight in Harrenhal
º Tyrell:
Base Set Up Modified. KN + FT at Highgarden. FT at Dornish Marshes and The Reach. Power Token in The Arbor
º Martell:
Dance with Dragons Set Up Modified: KN and FT at Sunspear + Boat in Port. FT at Salt Shore and Prince's Pass. KN at Yronwood. Power Token in Starfall.

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