Thinking About Brotherhood without Banners as a Faction

Share big alternative variants (similar to and expansion), or maybe just talk/discuss small alternations to the official rules for better balance!
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I've been thinking about the Brotherhood without Banners. I think it'd be cool to expand the Riverlands area to include High Heart / Hollow Hill and have a base for the Brotherhood: ... ut_banners

Thematically there are a couple of nice things here.

1. There's a nice progression. The group starts with Berric Dondarrion as the leader in the beginning and later has Lady Stoneheart as the leader. It'd be cool to have a Lady Stoneheart card being appropriately used as a leader in a battle. This fits in very nicely with ADWD alternate cards.

2. Thematically being a band of Guerilla fighters is cool. Are there other mechanics or things that the Brotherhood of Banners can do that other Factions cannot? A. Could the Brotherhood move their base, Hollow Hill, around?
B. Could the brotherhood have their units in the same place as other Faction units unlike every other faction?
C. Perhaps the Brotherhood can play the cat and mouse game where they move their base around and it's kind of similar to Star Wars: Rebellion board game of trying to find the secret "Brotherhood Base"
D. Ironically, Loyalty tokens might be somewhat more appropriate for the Brotherhood without banners. The Brotherhood needs to travel to certain regions of the map (by foot) in order to do quests to help the common folk. The major issue of course is where they start and some areas are really far away and if they can't fly and don't have ships, there are some logistical issues of who can really oppose them which is a problem.
E. Win Conditions: If the Brotherhood collect 7 Quest Tokens or Smallfolk Tokens or whatever you want to call it that thematically represents helping the smallfolk against oppression
F. Losing Conditions: If a Brotherhood unit shares a tile with another faction they can use a March to attack them and drive them out to the next area or a Raid to determine where the base is. If the base of the Brotherhood is discovered and Sacked, then the Brotherhood has to rebuild elsewhere and loses a Quest or Smallfolk token?
G. Interplay: If the Brotherhood is allowed to move around too much, they'll win the game by getting their tokens. If factions concentrate on them too much then they'll neglect to their own needs to get objective cards and castles.
H. Other Options: The Brotherhood could issue revolts in castles or take them by force potentially and they could potentially win by Castles as well.
I. Would this make the game more fun? I'm not sure. The brotherhood can only harass the people they're nearby and not the ones they're not nearby similar to vulnerability with Loyalty tokens with MOD. A player wants the brotherhood to go away from where they are so they don't have to be bothered to fight them later. The edges of the map are the most safe as the brotherhood will take time to move there.

A player for the brotherhood can play them just to stymie a few particular players, probably like how they did in the books and show. There they just targeted the Lannisters and the Frey. Gamewise

J. Alliance-wise. I don't know how they form alliances. THey work differently. Attack the Baratheons and I give you free reign for a token?

K. Conclusion. Root is an interesting Game. The woodland alliance inspired me thinking about Brotherhood without banners: The issue I think is that they are so different from other factions that the Brotherhood would not equally impact all other houses and would not be fun. I think the brotherhood would make a better introduction as allies and mercenaries because that's essentially what they are. They'll join your house or faction to help you because they believe in your "noble cause" but they aren't independent themselves. Root involves players playing different games to win and I am thinking this won't work for a Game of thrones and it's world map.
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