Need Suggestions for Including and Balancing House Frey

Share big alternative variants (similar to and expansion), or maybe just talk/discuss small alternations to the official rules for better balance!
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I am trying to design a variant to include both House Frey and House Tully. The nominal problem with this is that

1. Sea Access is difficult. The Bite is shared with Stark. Ironman's Bay is shared with Greyjoy but not Lannister.

2. The area is tight. Arryn to the right. Lannister to the Left. Stark to the North. Baratheon to the south.

3. In Epic Variant Tully starts with 4 castles. Riverrun, Harrenhal, The Twins anD Seagard. If we add Frey we need to take away Riverrun at least. Giving Seagard to Frey at start completely denies Tully any sea access so probably Tully gets Seagard and Frey gets the twins with a port.

4. In the base game, each House has an area or 2 that can be generally safely used to consolidate power. The Riverlands map is tight and there are no real "Safe" areas.

Attached is the WIP map. Let's talk about creating House Frey primarily.

What can I do to solve #4 ? what areas need to be create


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