Epic Version of GOT

Share big alternative variants (similar to and expansion), or maybe just talk/discuss small alternations to the official rules for better balance!
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I found out there is someone on the BGG who made a custom version of epic GOT. (https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/286528 ... me-thrones) This seems really interesting, it adds multiple win con into the game. More Factions, Actual Diplo Systems Strategy cards, and more. What do you guys think about the Version? They added way more small Variants into the game, I only played once with my friend, I liked it a lot. Let me know if you guys have any thoughts!
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It is far more complicated and not many people would want even to read the rules, let alone to discuss them. The author said it himself: It is not for everyone. I may delve more into it some day, for now I have only red the first pages of the rules.
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Favorite AGOT House: Arryn

I remember I saw that... And didn't read it XD

As Lighthammer says, it's too much. Faaaar too many things to change and read. Some ideas are cool, but all together are way too many. Maybe if they were modules it would be something better
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