Add null order tokens

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Occasionally, players will have more occupied areas than they have tokens. If multiple players are in this situation, it can result in a standoff where each is unwilling to mark themselves as ready until the other is ready, so that they don’t give away the locations of their undefended territories.

This could be remedied by adding “null” order tokens that are placed on the board for any areas where you can’t place a valid token. These could disappear as soon as all players are ready, and play can proceed as usual from that point.
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Yes, I couldn't agree more! Especially when you are a house like Stark that may have 10-13 territories, but limited/no stars and/or a certain order token type (ex: no support) season card.
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It is not compliant to the rules, but I definitly agree with it !
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We want to stick to the rules as much as possible so we won't fill empty areas with dummies. This might be weird for live games as well as the empty areas would be filled after the player hits ready.
Instead we allow placing restricted orders now and make them transparent. They will be removed before it comes to resolving raid orders. I hope this solves the issue.
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