[GAME] Implement player elimination

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02 May 2020, 20:08
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Albeit the rules say that no player is ever eliminated, this doesn't work well for online versions of the game. There is no reason for a player to be expected to stick around once he has no castles or land units left, as he can no longer get any VPs, the goal of the game.
All it does, is make is much more likely to get stalled games as the players leave, especially during a live game. You cannot expect a person to sit around for another 3 hours if he has nothing left.
Player elimination is also present on Thronemaster.
Elimination works very similar to vassals across the board. This will also make it much easier to implement.

Once a player:
  • Does not have any castles.
  • Does not have any land units.
  • Does not hold a dominance token. (if he does, this check will be performed again on the next round).
Eliminated from the game at the end of the current game round.

Ship units:
  • Using MoD/Vassals: Convert any remaining ship units (if any) to vassal units of his house.
  • Using base game/Not vassals: Convert any remaining ship units (if any) to neutral forces (functions just like a neutral garrison).
Wildings and influence tracks:
  • During bids, the eliminated house automatically bids 0, regardless of how many power tokens he had left.
  • The eliminated house cannot be chosen for wildling effects (immune, just like vassals).
  • The eliminated house can be moved by the Iron Throne holder, and if he holds a dominance token, its effect will go to the second house on the track (just like vassals).
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Due to the possibility of replacement by a vassal we won't implement player elimination.
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