Allow any player to start the game when the number of players is full

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21 May 2020, 02:20
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Currently only the creator of the lobby can hit start on a game.

It is possible for someone to create a game, then leave the game themselves, and have the game fill up with other players, none of which can start the game.
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If we do this it should be optional. „Allow anyone to start the game“. Game creator might want check and kick some players in case he intended to do a private game.
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I wanted initially to implement a "ready" system to start the game: each player must mark ready, and when all players are readied, the game starts automatically.

If the creator of the game wants to let other players start the game, then he can just marks himself as ready.

Would it suffice?
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Perfect. It would allow the "Private" games to still function as they do now, the creator could leave himself in an unready start and kick out uninvited players, while speeding up public games start times, and getting rid of the zombie lobby problem.
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