Variable game turns

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20 May 2020, 13:55
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Allow the option to reduce max turns of the game.

I feel that the game generally falls into a pattern where alliances are formed and upheld throughout the whole game and the real action usually starts at the last two turns of the game. This makes sense as players are not encouraged to break alliances too early in the game since it means fighting on one more front.

By allowing the game to be 6 or 8 turns long the fun part will arrive earlier.

Also having the option for shorter games makes it easier to gather enough interested people to play a game. The main difficulty I have in gathering people is that they say games are too long and they are reluctant to start a game which have no closure.
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This should at most be a custom setting for normal games, but we'll need ranked matching first. (ranked will always follow official rules).
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Implemented via "Endless" mode and "Vote End"
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